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Realtor Promotional Items
Realtor promotional items are an effective marketing solution in the extremely competitive real estate market of today. Real estate promotional products are an important tool for advertising businesses, helping realtors distinguish themselves, and consistently generating new clients. Any tool that can be used to distinguish yourself from the competition is another way to help you succeed. Customized realtor promotions are another means to give realtors an advantage over their competition.
Here are four fantastic promotional ideas for realtors:
Custom door hangersare the perfect advertising solution for real estate companies or realtor services. Leaving personalized door hangers on the doors of prospective customers and clients is a great way to make your business known and to get your information into their hands. Imprint your contact information, an eye-catching image or logo, and your business name and make a fantastic impression. When your information is left on the homeowner's front door it simply can not be missed.
Custom real estate postcardsare a highly effective and economical means for promoting your business. They are an efficient way to promote real estate companies, announce property listings, publicize available services, and network. Postcards can be targeted for specific audiences and are a simple and effective way to spread the word. Personalized postcards are straightforward, easy to read, and can be designed with striking artwork and text to entice prospective clients. They are perfect for those on a budget!
Real estate calendarsare a successful way to promote year round. People love to receive free calendars and will hang them in highly visible areas in the home or office. Every time an appointment is scheduled or a date is checked on these custom calendars, your contact information or company logo will gain repeat exposure. Personalized calendars are a fantastic way to remind prospective customers of your services and also remind current customers of your business information.
House shaped magnetsprovide lasting promotion in high traffic areas. They stick to all magnetic surfaces and offer great repeat exposure for your company logo and contact information. Professionally designed house shaped magnets can be used to set yourself apart from other realtors. By printing eye-catching artwork and important information on these magnets you will effectively reach potential home buyers or current customers. Magnets are an excellent hand-out and are a perfect addition to direct mail promotions.
In today's competitive home buying market, real estate professionals need to advertise more heavily to ensure they get noticed by the decreasing number of home buyers. Successful advertising and marketing requires effort and persistence to succeed. Realtor promotional items offer you the added advantage you need to stand out from your competitors. With the declining market you need customized realtor promotions now more than ever before!


Increase Brand Awareness With Creative Promotional Products
When thinking about new and creative ways to promote your business without spending an arm and a leg, most of us are stumped. Traditional online, print, or television ads can be extremely costly and it is really never known how many potential clients even view these ads. However, thanks to promotional items such as sticky notes, magnets, backpacks, and mouse pads, business owners no longer need to fret about how to get their message out there.
Sticky notesare an extremely popular product because like custom pens and pencil, sticky notes are something that can be used by virtually everyone on a day-to-day basis. Whether they are kept in the kitchen for grocery lists, by the phone to take down messages, or in the car to write down reminders, a sticky pad with your businesses name and logo on it will reach potential customers in every aspect of their life. Featuring a strong adhesive, thick paper for writing, and neon colors, these promotional sticky notes can come in a multitude of sizes to accommodate your promotional needs.
A favorite among all industry professionals, including dentists, real estate agents, restaurants, and handy men are the customized magnets, which are a great way to have your business seen and heard while customers are actually getting use out of the product. The most popular styles of magnets include the calendar, business card magnet, and picture card magnet. Choose the right one for your company and reap the benefits from having your ad function in customers' daily lives.
Other creative promotional products that are available for customization include personalized backpacks, promotional notebooks, and customized mouse pads.
Personalized backpacks are walking billboards for your brand and are the perfect medium for displaying your logo, artwork, or message.
Promotional notebooks come in a wide array of sizes and colors and are also available for customization.
Custom mouse pads are sure to get use from potential clients and customers and are always available in fabric, firm, or ultra-thin. Purchasing these mouse pads in bulk is always the best idea, as each pad will only end up costing around $1.89 each. Your custom logo or artwork can be featured, in addition to many preset backgrounds.
Between all of these options, you are sure to find a creative promotional product that will make your brand and business stand out from all the rest.


Promotional Items for Realtors: Which Are the Best?
Handing out promotional items to potential clients is one of the most effective methods that realtors are using. There are a lot of realtors who are giving out different items to improve the awareness of other people when it comes to their services, and if you want to get better results, then it would be better if you are going to use promotional items. However, you still need to make sure that these items will be effective when it comes to marketing your services, and here are some of the things that you need to understand.
Here are some of the most effective items that you can hand out to your potential clients:
Coffee Mug- look for the one that has good quality and have your company logo printed on it. You don't have to put all your information on the mug and you can make it as simple as possible.
Planner or Journal- a simple design on the cover of the planner would work well. In fact, you can make it as small as possible, because this will be used by your clients personally. Just make sure that it will be recognizable.
Key Chain- your clients won't be using it unless it looks good and is essential for them. So you need to carefully work on the design and the uses of the chain before you even give them out to your clients.
Calendar - pocket calendar or wall calendar, it won't matter for as long as the dates and the day are in it. You can put as many information as you can on your calendar, because this will keep on reminding them about your services.
Pen - a simple name on the pen will remind your clients that they can get a professional who can help them make the best investments.
When giving out promotional items, you need to make sure that they are handy and essential for a person. You need to make sure that they are going to use it on a regular basis, so that they will remember you whenever they are using the items that you have given them. You need to make your name prominent in the item to remind your clients that they can hire you whenever they need a professional in real estate.

Six Promotional Product Ideas to Send in the Mail
Direct mail is a cost effective way to get your promotional item on the desk or into the hands of your target market. Here are six great ideas for your next direct mail campaign;
Magnets are an extremely versatile item to use as a method to promote your business name. Magnets can be made into any colour and suit any style of logo or font. You can stick to a very budget conscious choice of your brand name in simple colours or you can pay a little extra and have a photo or image printed on the magnet. If you're looking for something a little more eye catching, why not try a calendar magnet, special offer or menu magnet.
The simple and affordable nature of the magnet means does not make it less effective than other promotional items. A magnet is a useful domestic item. A magnet displayed on the fridge will get daily exposure to your customer. It is said a fridge magnet will be looked at thirteen times a day.
For only a little extra cost on top of postage, a magnet is an effective and affordable way to kick off your direct mail campaign.
The possibilities of printed media are only limited by your imagination. There are endless ways to display your brand and convey your message on a simple printed item. From notepads to sticky pads, business cards, flyers and brochures, printed media are a traditional and time-tested way to promote your company. A flyer or pamphlet will display your brand name in wonderful, high quality print and tell your customers about your business. Printed media works best for local businesses such as real estate agencies, restaurants, local services and communication.
Affordable and very cheap to post, printed media can also be hand delivered to letterboxes by local walking distribution companies.
A bookmark does not have to be a piece of printed cardboard, although these simple and useful items are effective. Bookmarks can be anything from a stylish leather ribbon to a novelty magnetic item. Once again, the possibilities of a bookmark are only limited by your creativity.
A classic leather or satin ribbon with a discreet logo can be a subtle way to promote your business in a more traditional and conservative industry such as finance, insurance or medicine. Whereas a cute, novelty bookmark can be great way to promote community events, charities, local businesses and children's products and services.
A calendar is always a welcome and useful item. It can be colourful and bright or simple and stylish. A calendar can be desktop, magnetic, business card or fold out. You can include images and special events related to your business. A calendar is a great way to promote your business in your next direct mail campaign.
Promotional tattoos are a cute and creative way to reach a younger audience. Tattoos are extremely easy to post and affordable to any business. Tattoos are suited to children's services and products or things like community events and charities.
Rulers can be made of metal, wood, plastic or recycled plastic. They are a great way to get a simple company name and logo onto a useful item. Depending on your target market, rulers can be colourful and children friendly or they can be metallic and industry specific. Rulers are a cost effective promotional product to buy and post..
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Promotional Pens - How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From Using Promotional Items
One of the best gifts that a real estate agent can offer his or her clients is a promotional pen, because this is a certain way that the client will remember the real estate agent for a long period of time. Offering wonderful and useful gifts to potential clients can be a great way of reminding people of your services. Personalised pens can be a very good way of doing this, because you can engrave it with your logo, company name, website URL, a message as well as your contact details. This will mean that every time that your clients are working, they will hold your name and business practically at their fingertips. For that reason, the promotional pens are among the most popular business gifts that real estate agents offer to their clients.
There are several reasons the customised pens are very popular promotional items in the real estate business and the most important of them are the following:
The printed promotional pens are very useful for everybody when working and they are the most spread and used piece of stationery at home and work.
The printed pens are not only useful, but they also have a value and some people keep them as treasured possessions that remind them of good deals.
Some of the promotional pens that are used by the real estate agents as business gifts are artistically created and for that reason, they look really nice on people's desks or in their hands.
By offering promotional pens as gifts to your clients, you can easily make them contented and delighted as well.
The promotional products can easily increase the visibility of your real estate business and this will help you to remain in the memory of people.
They are cost effective and you will not need to break the bank in order to get them personalised with the name of the company on them.
The promotional pens can help the real estate agents to expand their business by getting a great visibility at reduced costs. Imagine how these little objects can offer you the kind of advertising many people buy with a lot more money.
You need to be careful about your target audience at the time you decide to order your personalised pens. Make sure the model and the patterns you choose are right for a large palette of potential customers.
The printed pens are a great method of increasing the goodwill and the value of your company and get the kind of visibility you need for your business. Imagine that by offering this kind of business gift, the first thing the potential client will see every time he or she intends to write something will be the name of your company beautifully printed or engraved on the promotional pens.

9 Out of 10 Real Estate Agents Prefer Promotional Keyrings
If you are a real estate agent or work in the construction industry, you need to find a promotional product that will set your business apart from the rest. After all, estate agents are hard to distinguish if you are new to the area and trying to break into a new market. One way to set your real estate business apart from the rest is by giving away promotional keyrings.
Promotional keyrings are one of the most popular items for estate agents and construction companies. 9 out of 10 estate agents prefer promotional keyrings over other promotional items for distribution. Why are promotional keyrings so often selected as the promotional item of choice?
One of the reasons why promotional keyringsare so appealing is that they are the ideal gift to give a new homeowner or business moving into their commercial building. By placing their new keys on your business's promotional keyrings, you can simultaneously give your customers a quality gift they will use time and again, as well as give these customers a positive association with your business. Each time the promotional keyring is used, your business name will be shown to members of your target audience.
In order to see the most success with your promotional keyrings, your business needs to create a design that will attract the attention of your target audience. Look for materials and artwork that look similar to the rest of your marketing efforts in order to distribute an item that matches the rest of your company's branding. In this way, your promotional keyrings will help to increase your brand recognition and name to the people who matter most - your future customers.
Choose materials that reflect your business and what it stands for. If you are an estate agent who specializes in high-end properties, you might be more drawn to leather or high-quality promotional keyrings. On the other hand, if you deal with commercial properties, you can look for durable promotional keyrings that can hold up to business life. No matter which style you choose, be sure that it reflects your business and sends the right message to your prospective buyers.
Place your order for promotional keyrings today and take advantage of all the benefits that go along with promotional advertising. You can get your business name in front of your future customers and business partners to increase your success!
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Using Tape Measures As a Promotional Product
More than just a tool in the garage, a tape measure can be considered as one of the most useful item a company can use to promote its brand. With organizations shifting from the usual promotional pens to giving away tape measure, it's no wonder this handy gadget is now loved and is much-appreciated by millions of consumers.
Most people might think promotional tape measures are limited to construction companies as they are usually packed with other tools such as logoed screwdrivers and knives. What others don't know is that tape measures can be used as a giveaway to other markets as well, at any time and any place.
A great addition to one's tool box, promotional tape measure can be advantageous to real estate companies by handing them out to families as they are handy to have around the house. Tape measures can be used to scope furniture dimensions and appliances that need fixing, also with gardening and carpentry in the comfort of one's home.
There's no question about the marketing prowess of a tape measure during trade shows, but they can also be used at fundraisers and charity events as they are inexpensive and efficient. A no-brainer gizmo to use, they can easily fit in one's pocket and will always have a spot in one's shed.
Schools can give out promotional tape measure as well during fairs and events. Architecture and engineering organizations prefer logoed tape measures that remain usable for a long period of time over pencils that will dull and wear out in a couple of usage.
Tape measures should be considered as a marketing investment. Not only do they cunningly advertise your company without the need to break the bank, but they also associate your brand with a helpful tool -- leaving your clients feeling assured that they can expect the same support from your company, as provided by this useful tool.
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Make Sure You Are the First Real Estate Agent a Prospect Calls
How are you going to ensure a prospect considers you when selling their property or looking for a property manager?
The real estate industry is a high density and competitive neighbourhood, with plenty of agents all keen to obtain listings, find buyers and increase rental rolls.
Success is dependent on how you:
  • build and maintain profile
  • ensure re-call with prospective customers
  • communicate the benefits your agency has to offer a vendor
  • endear your agency to the community
  • demonstrate creativity that sets you apart
  • display your knowledge and sales skills
  • achieve satisfied customers who become fans
Marketing your agency or your personal abilities as an agent, should be an essential and a regular activity. How do you stand out in an interesting way to achieve the above success?
Don't send out a stock standard 'ho hum' letter that will quickly find its way to the recycle paper bin. Give yourself the edge. Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts are unique, cost effective, tangible and long lasting.
A well selected and useful promotional giveaway will help to convey a consistent sales message , branded apparel with a company logo will present a smart business image and an appreciation gift or hamper displays sincere thanks after a sale.
Promotional productscan work for you to :
  • Build and maintain profile
  • Encourage referrals and generate loyalty
  • Project a professional image
  • Use at open houses and auctions to market your agency
  • Invigorate a quiet selling period
  • Establish rapport with new tenants
  • Support community events and sponsorship
  • Congratulation a successful purchase and thank a vendor
  • Get direct mail and letterbox pieces opened and kept
These interesting and novel ways help to:
  • increase who will see you
  • who will remember
  • act on your communication
  • refer you
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Personalized Magnets For Business Use
Personalized magnetscan be a powerful sales tool. Large and small businesses alike can benefit by placing a brand, slogan and logo on a magnet. These small, inexpensive tools can give a large boost to business.
Customers and potential customers often place these custom magnets on their refrigerators and filing cabinets for future reference. Not only are the magnets useful, holding up shopping lists and other memos, but your business name, phone number and website are always there any time it is needed.
Custom, promotional magnets are an affordable advertising venue, especially for small business who mostly look for local customers. Hundreds of business card magnets can be printed for pennies per magnet. Depending on the quantity purchased, they can go for as little as $.08 a piece. Other promotional material such as water bottles, mugs, T-shirts and even pens are much more expensive. Small business owners often have small advertising budgets, making simple custom business card magnets worthwhile.
A diverse range of industries utilize custom magnets for their business. Pizzerias, restaurants, local chains, bars, plumbers, computer technicians, pest control services, real estate professionals and insurance agencies are only a few types of businesses that often use magnets to serve their advertising needs.
Business card magnetsare among the most popular types of personalized magnets for advertising, but there are other types as well. There are calendar magnets, menu magnets which are great for local restaurants and bars and schedule magnets, which can be used by local sporting clubs.
Any magnets used for advertising should have a lot of color and it's even better if they have a unique shape. They should catch the eye and be memorable, as with all advertising tools. There are design professionals who design magnets, they often work for the companies who print the magnets. There is no limit to the creative imagination when making promotional magnets. Ordinarily, real estate agents use house-shaped magnets and pizza stores use pizza-shaped magnets, but the sky is the limit.
Business owners should take care to buy quality magnets. Quality magnets last a long time and the sticky paper should not peel back. A couple of pennies more per magnet may be worth the cost, if it buys better a product that is better quality.
Promotional magnets can be given out in place of business cards, placed on windshields and at any other place where leaflets and business cards are left. Magnets are also often light enough to be mailed easily, using regular postage. This makes it simple to use them along with flyers, leaflets and other items that would be mailed anyway.
It is too easy to throw away an unwanted business card. Custom magnets for business have two purposes: they are useful to the consumer as well as the small business owner. Custom magnets for promotional use are attractive and useful to all kinds of consumers: stay-at-home mothers, mechanics, businesspeople, college students, teachers. Virtually everyone can make use of them, so for most businesses, these magnets are a worthwhile investment.

Magnetic Promotional Calendars and Real Estate - Why They Work So Well Together
Realtors and Real Estate agencies nationwide are struggling in today's economy. However, people are still buying and selling homes and properties. The challenge that you as a Realtor have, is to draw those buyers and sellers to you instead of your competition. Advertising is the answer. "How can I justify the expense of advertising in this dry spell?" The answer is "How can you NOT justify it?" If people don't know you are there, they aren't going to pick you as their agent.
But There Is More
Since many other agents will unwisely cut back on their advertising budgets, you will have less competition. Your advertising message now has a greater chance of being seen by potential customers. Think of this extreme example. If every other agency stopped their marketing campaign, but you continued, you would be the only game in town. Obviously the other agencies might get repeat business from previous customers, but that would happen regardless of the economy and whether or not you had a marketing campaign in progress.
It Does Not Take A Lot Of Money
One of the most successful marketing strategies for Realtors is the calendar. The magnetic calendars are, of course, the most popular. They are inexpensive and effective. Depending on how much of your budget you elect to invest, you can get magnetic promotional calendars for less than 30 cents each. The beauty of a calendar is that they last for a long time. A year, actually. People use calendars on a daily basis, and each time they do, they see your information. It's not like those "in your face" TV ads or the obnoxious radio spots that get played over and over (for thousands of dollars a month, I might add) that do more to annoy than they do to promote. The exposures they provide are more subtle, but no less effective. They provide a subliminal message that kicks into gear when the person decides to buy or sell. "Honey! Get the phone number of that Realtors off of the calendar that's stuck on the fridge, will you?"
Magnetic Is Best
There are lots of calendar types, but the magnetic calendars have proven to be the ones that are seen the most. That's the whole idea of a promotional product, right? Desk calendars get covered up, wallet calendars are seen only by the wallet's owner, and wall calendars are often relegated to a spot that is out of the way due to their size. The magnetic calendar ends up on the fridge at home, the metal cabinets in the workplace break room, on a mechanic's toolbox, on the cash register at the local pizza place, or on computer cases in the office. There, they get seen by many people who are all potential customers.


Gift Ideas for Corporate Giving
Corporate gifts are given for a variety of reasons. You can give them to individual clients or partner businesses as good will or thank you presents. Potential clients can be given these gifts as tokens of friendship and help to build up relationships. Office colleagues can also be recipients of these presents.
One of the most common corporate gifts is to send a thank you gift. This can be to a long-standing customer or to a partner. There are a number of gifts that you can use for this purpose. It should be related to your business and the accompanying note should be on your company stationary. You can give a gift basket, fine wine set or even flowers depending on your business and the recipient of the gift.
Another reason to send a corporate gift is for good will purposes. Small gifts can be given to potential customers to help build up good business relationships. These should not be the usual stationary or pens but can be related to their personal likes. For example if you know that they are avid golfers then you can send a gift related to this.
Promotional gifts: these are gifts sent to potential customers, established customers and partners. They are used to promote brand awareness and build relationships with both business partners and customers. Sometimes it is just a set of pens or promotional pen. Banks and Real Estate agents give these tokens of appreciation to customers. Stationary can also be used for this purpose and is given by many businesses to their customers.
Seasonal gifts can be given to service providers, clients and partners. Firstly you need to make a list so that nobody gets left out. If anyone does not receive a gift this can create bad feeling among workers and clients especially. If there are a lot of people to give gifts to then it is best to give the same gift to everyone. Gift baskets are popular gifts and wine is also given quite a lot.
Office colleagues: sometimes an employee has done a great job at the office. The gift should be general and not personal. Gift cards for around $25 are good presents to give. These are often in the form of certificates for department stores or even restaurants. Service providers also prefer cash like gift certificates.
As you can see there are many corporate gift ideas that can be used either seasonally or as thank you gifts. There are also some mistakes to avoid. Be sure that you are familiar with cultural differences; some people do not drink or are vegetarians if you are not sure just give a general gift that will not interfere with anyone's culture or religious beliefs. Be sure to make a list of everyone that you are meant to give gifts to, because you want to make sure that nobody is left out. Be sure that you do not spend too much on a gift as this could be misconstrued.
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